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After an accident, the pain and emotional stress can be almost too much to bear. In some cases, the personal injury sustained in an accident can cause permanent damage to the victim's health and life. When this happens, their only hope for obtaining maximum compensation is by hiring a Grand Terrace personal injury lawyer.

An attorney with have the knowledge, experience and skill to present a strong case and fight for the payment you deserve.

The Law Office of Gary D. Baughman, APC could provide such aggressive and skilled representation. For more than 35 years, I have dedicated myself to representing individuals who have been injured because of someone else's reckless or negligent behavior. I am also a court-appointed arbitrator and a judge pro tem - honors which are only offered to attorneys with extensive understanding and knowledge of personal injury laws and court procedures. Anyone who needs representation after an accident injury should call immediately and schedule a case evaluation. My firm is capable of handling any personal injury case.

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Injured in a vehicle accident? My firm could fight for you in any situation. Auto accidents result in thousands of injury claims every year. Whether you were involved in a run-off crash because of a poorly designed road, a multi-vehicle accident or a rear-end collision, you deserve an attorney who will stop at nothing to ensure that your damages and injuries are covered. My firm also handles trucking accidents, which can result from improper maintenance, tired driving or drunk driving. You should also hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident, especially if you have suffered a catastrophic injury. Brain trauma, spine injuries, broken bones and other such injuries require extensive and costly treatment, so fight for coverage with the assistance of a personal injury attorney from my firm.

Perhaps an elderly loved one has been poorly treated in a care facility. I have handled cases of nursing home abuse and could help you obtain fair compensation. My firm also represents those who have been injured due to a slip and fall accident. If you have been injured on public or private property because of premises liability, I could help you determine the liable party and build a strong case so that you are adequately compensated. Whatever accident you have suffered, the Law Office of Gary D. Baughman, APC is here to help.

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Martindale-Hubbell® has awarded my firm with a BV ® Distinguished rating, separating my services as experienced and excellent. By retaining my firm, you can rest assured that your case will be carefully studied and fought in order to obtain the payment you need for your accident-related expenses.

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