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Have you been in an accident? Then it is likely you have suffered a personal injury. Accidents that result in property damage and injury can be difficult to handle, especially if the liable party refuses to cover the damages. Unless you are able to obtain the payment you deserve, you may not be able to afford the treatment and repairs resulting from your accident. Only a Highlands personal injury attorney with years of experience could help you in such a situation.

Since 1981, the Law Office of Gary D. Baughman, APC has been fighting for the rights of injured accident victims.

More than 35 years later, my firm is still dedicated to obtaining the compensation that such victims need and deserve. As a court-appointed arbitrator, my ability to determine fair amounts of compensation has been recognized by the court. I am also a judge pro tem, which requires an exceptionally deep and detailed understanding of the law. Should you retain my firm, I could use such experience to your benefit. Call my offices today if you have been injured at the hands of a reckless or negligent party.

The Law Office of Gary D. Baughman, APC - Areas of Practice

There are many types of accidents that could cause injury. However, the most common accidents resulting in a personal injury claim are auto accidents. Every day, hundreds of motorists are involved in crashes across the nation, from rear-end collisions to head-on accidents. Many of these accidents are a result of drunk driving, which is also the leading cause of car accident fatalities in America each year.

Similar to car accidents, trucking accidents can cause a great deal of damage, as well. Tired, distracted, and drunk truck drivers could cause a multi-vehicle pileup, or improper maintenance could result in brake failure and a runaway truck. No matter what, an injured victim will need aggressive legal representation in order to go up against the trucking companies and their insurance.

Of all the possible vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents tend to cause the most personal injury. Motorcycles offer little protection and, even when the motorcyclist wears a good helmet and protective clothing, there is little to prevent catastrophic injury in a collision. Motorcyclists are often pinned by a larger vehicle or thrown great distances from the scene of the crash. Broken bones, neck and back injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are very likely, especially if the crash occurred at high speeds. Don't hesitate to hire a personal injury attorney if you or someone you know has been involved in such a crash.

The Law Office of Gary D. Baughman, APC could also represent you in a number of other personal injury situations. Premises liability, which is the leading cause of slip and fall accidents, should be covered by the party who was responsible for the condition of the property on which your accident occurred. If you were injured on private property, I could aggressively fight for a higher payout.

If you were injured on public property, I could help you determine the liable party and win the compensation you deserve. Also, if you or an elderly person you love has suffered from nursing home abuse, I could fight for justice and fair compensation on behalf of the victim. Elder abuse can result in cuts and bruises, infections, sepsis, malnutrition and more, so call right away to get the representation you need.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Highlands Could Help

Don't settle for less than competent representation in a personal injury case. For more than 35 years, my firm has provided aggressive legal assistance for those who have been injured because of someone else's recklessness or negligence.

Through a case evaluation with my firm, you could learn exactly how I could fight for adequate recovery. Call today to learn more!