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Gary Baughman is a true Inland Empire native. He was born at the Loma Linda University Hospital when the hospital was still located on the top of the beautiful hill. He grew up in the east valley and received his Bachelor's degree in economics from the University of California Riverside.

Gary left the Inland Empire to obtain his legal training at the University of San Diego, but returned to the area after law school in 1980 because, "it's what I know, what I care about, and the people living here are my friends and neighbors." For approximately the last 20 years Gary has limited his practice to representing persons injured in accidents. Never shying away from the difficult or complex case, he brings personal attention and caring to each case.

When, asked Gary observed, "The personal injury area of legal practice has gotten tougher for at least the last decade. This is not by accident. The big moneyed interests have a purposeful campaign where the personal injury attorneys who are the very champions of the 'little guy' and those without power or influence are being blamed for many of the economic ills facing our legal system and our country. The facts simply don't support this misinformation, but nonetheless, it is pumped out on a daily basis."

This situation has only made Gary vow to endeavor even harder on behalf of his clients in their quest for justice. Gary is a lifetime sustaining member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, member of the American Inns of Court, and regularly sits as a Judge Pro Tem.