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    • Case settled

      Student injured by coach when practice goes too far. Case settled for very nearly two million dollars.

    • Case settled for a $550,000

      Woman goes to nail salon, and has adverse effect from pedicure. After overcoming insurance company’s complete denial of the claim by using bulldogged litigation, case settled for a $550,000.

    • Case settled

      Man is beat up and injured by supervisor at Christmas party. After extremely hard-fought litigation battle and forcing defense to recognize that it was not just a fist fight gone too far, case settled for half million dollars.

    • Verdict of $325,000, for soft tissue injuries.

      Client is sited by police as being at fault for having taken right of way when she is broadsided by oncoming vehicle. Defense never offers anything claiming all fault is on client. At trial, jury becomes convinced officer got it completely wrong, and that defendant was completely at fault. Verdict of $325,000, for soft tissue injuries.

    • Case settled

      Man riding Segway in cross-walk is struck by car starting to move forward thinking light had changed from red to green. Man’s injuries involved injury to both shoulders. Case settled for $285,000 after insurance company’s complete denial of claim, and then their initial offer of $25,000.

    • Case settled

      Injury to hand from “minor” collision resulting in corrective surgery. Initial offer $40,000. Case settled for $165,000.

    • Case settled

      Young man skate boarding on city sidewalk hits uneven portion caused by planter which causes him to fall resulting in broken leg. After overcoming numerous defenses raised by the city, case settled for $110,000.