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Elder & Nursing Home Abuse

As people grow older, they become frail and less capable of caring for or defending themselves. In order to provide elderly people with proper care and supervision, families often place their loved ones in nursing homes. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that an elder receives the medical care and attention they need at the hands of trained and caring medical professionals. However, elder abuse is a growing concern in the United States today. Every year, thousands of helpless elderly men and women are abused and exploited by nursing home staff and other residents.

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At the Law Office of Gary D. Baughman, APC, I do not stand for such injustice. If you or someone you love has suffered such abuse, call my offices today for a case evaluation to learn how I could fight for you. Anyone treated in such a manner deserves to be fully compensated and, as a court-appointed arbitrator, I have the experience and knowledge to determine what amount of compensation is just and fair. My firm has been in practice for more than 35 years and could provide the answers and representation you need. Call immediately if you are in need of a skilled lawyer.

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Don't allow an abusive nursing home staff member or resident to get away with such maltreatment. Through a case evaluation with my firm, you could discover exactly how my firm could help. Unlike other firms, I truly care for you and the outcome of your personal injury case.

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