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The Dangers of Texting and Driving

By now it should be obvious to absolutely everybody that texting while driving is not wise, and yet, people continue to do so.

We've all seen it on the freeways, and on city streets. We've all seen the car ahead of us slowly veering toward the curb or out into the opposing lane, then the driver's head tilts slightly up and the car suddenly jerks back into the proper path. I've wondered while seeing this, what could possibly be so important for that driver to be texting that they're gambling with the safety of everyone near them, as well as their own safety. It should be completely obvious to even the most obstinate and unreasonable amongst us that the answer is, NOTHING is that important!

The only reason I can imagine why people continue to text while driving is because they simply have not internalized the actual degree of risk. That is to say, they have not personalized the risk associated with texting while driving. They think they are somehow immune to the dangers; that it happens to the other guy, not to them. That is EXACTLY what the drivers that have had collisions because they were texting while driving were also thinking.

Well, director Werner Herzog has produced a documentary film entitled "From One Second to the Next," that tells the horrific and poignant stories of lives forever changed by a driver's decision to text and drive. One driver texted: "I'm on my way"; another one "I love you." These messages – texted by drivers while driving – caused five people to die and an eight-year old boy the use of nearly his entire body. The film is powerful, and I encourage everyone to watch it, and to make sure that your loved ones, including young drivers in the household, to watch it. The perils of distracted driving, particularly texting, documented in Mr. Herzog's film should be a wakeup call for all of us regarding the stupidity of texting while driving.

If the documented hazards do not motivate people to not text and drive, perhaps the fact that it is illegal, and there are hefty fines attached to such tickets will help deter such reckless driving. And we all know what tickets can do to your insurance rates! Police departments, as well as the CHP, are conducting more and more saturation patrols looking for distracted drivers.
Bottom line, when you get behind the wheel of the car, your one obligation is to do your very best to be a safe driver. Always make the choice to meet that obligation.

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